Everyone wants to know ‘WHY’ someone would open fire and kill innocent children. There is no logical explanation that would or could ever ease our conscious or answer that question. Thank goodness! The majority of mainstream humanity must have a moral consious. However, the shootings leaves ALL of us, feeling directly assaulted and victimized. Bewildered and numb. Now everyone wants to know ‘What can we do to prevent this from ever happening again?’ We must be able to send our children to school with reasonable expectations for their safety! It is unconscionable that a gunman can walk into any school and open fire!
While there is no comparison between one person’s feelings of loss and anothers, I can tell you that I feel assualted, victimized, bewilderd, numb, angry and humbled.
My two horses, Suzy and Echo were stolen by deception from me on April 15th, 2012 and I am being told they were sold to a kill buyer. I am not alone….

Many horseowners have felt assaulted and victimized when they learn that their beloved family horse may have found their way into the hands of a kill buyer, slaughtered and on someones dinner plate. And worse yet, the horseowner may know that the horse had been medicated with drugs never allowed for human consumption. These medications can cause an immediate or a delayed and cumulative reaction. Some of the most commonly used medications on U.S. horses are NEVER allowed to be used on food animals and have NO withdrawal period, such as ‘Bute’. The regulatory authorities here in the U.S. don’t care – try to report it and see what happens. The U.S. authorities have NO ‘food’ animal criteria for horses exported for human consumption – NONE!
The Kill buyers in the U.S. can buy a horse at auction today, and ship it to slaughter within a couple days.
People are eating adulterated, unregulated, unwholesome U.S. horses and many horseowners and others have been trying to tell you that U.S. horsemeat may KILL you!
When we are victimized, assaulted, and know there is an immediate threat to human safety – what is the proper response?
Do nothing?


About vickysecho

I am desparately trying to find Suzy and Echo that were stolen by deception from me on April 15th, 2012......
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