Our Sacred Veterinarians….

Oct. 6, 2012
No doubt that the majority of animal owners hold their veterinarians knowledge, opinions and advise in very high regard. Rightly so as animal owners expect them to protect the health of their beloved pets or their livelihood in the case of livestock.
However, veterinarians are also the front line for animals in the human food chain. They are expected to have knowledge and expertise in the treatments they prescribe on animals used for human consumption. Veterinarians aren’t required to keep medical treatments records indefinitely and often only for a couple years. Food animal producers have the ultimate responsibility for the health records of the animals they provide for the human food chain.
It is a well established fact that horses in the United States are not bred and raised as food animals and Veterinarians know without a doubt that many of the drugs, treatments and topicals used on horses are not allowed in ‘food’ animals. Veterinarians also know without a doubt that the majority of horse owners never considered their horse to be a ‘food’ animal and have NO knowledge of the requirements for ‘food’ animals and don’t keep any records.
Along comes the United States horse slaughter cartel. Horse slaughter buyers ‘acquire’ horses one by one from various sources and rarely do any medical record transfer. The horse slaughter buyers don’t care because they are NOT regulated food animals here and the United States doesn’t have any requirements for medical records of slaughter horses! The slaughter horse buyers are even allowed to create or fabricate lifetime foreign drug history documents, because they are not retained or required here in the United States.
The United States Veterinarians sign “Health Certificates” required to export unregulated ‘food’ animals or slaughter horses, knowing they are entering a human food chain! The Health Certificate the Veterinarians sign is primarily just a certificate that the horse is ‘fit’ to travel or may not fall down and die in route to the slaughter facility and that the horse hasn’t been exposed to any communicable diseases. The Veterinarians do not know if a slaughter horse has been exposed to any communicable diseases within the last 60 days unless they have knowledge of where that horse was for the last 60 days. The Veterinarians know without a doubt, that even the horse slaughter buyers don’t know where all of them have been for the last 60 days. These slaughter horses are traveling around the country, even off loaded, and exported without the a negative Equine Infectious Anemia test that is required by most State regulations and recommended by Federal Uniform Methods and Rules because it is a communicable disease. The Veterinarian is also expected to record the identification of each horse sufficient to provide trace back capabilities and yet the descriptions are so vague that rarely could the description provide any trace back capability. The horse slaughter cartel is free to take any unregulated horse they can acquire by any method they can conjure and permanently hide them in the horse slaughter system with a United States Veterinarians endorsement.
The Veterinarians declare on the Health Certificate information they have no knowledge of including:
• not exposed to any communicable disease with 60 days preceding the date of inspection
• Have resided in the U.S. or Canada since birth
• have not been in Texas or New Mexico in the previous 21 days
• transported in a vehicle that has been cleaned and disinfected

Veterinarians that sign the Health Certificates without knowing where that horse was for its entire life, the horses lifetime medical history, and without a negative EIA test for each horse, is an abuse of discretion, or otherwise not in accordance with laws, and is a violation of State laws and the recommended Equine Infectious Anemia: Methods and Rules, APHIS 91-55-064 procedures for Handling Infected Equines.
Since the Health Certificate is signed by an ‘attending’ Veterinarian and sent in to be endorsed by a Federal APHIS Veterinarian, the attending Veterinarian isn’t likely to return to inspect the vehicle used to transport.
So why do the Veterinarians sign these Health Certificates? There is a statement ‘insofar as can be determined’ that reduces any monetary liability. What about ‘moral’ responsibilities? The Veterinarians are educated in food animal treatment and know without a doubt that unregulated or animals that should be considered adulterated or unwholesome, are entering a human food chain with their endorsement. Life or everything isn’t just about money – human lives are in the balance here.
I believe many Veterinarians became Veterinarians because they actually like animals. There must be some compassion or responsibility for the humans that are eating them….
Vicky Johnson

About vickysecho

I am desparately trying to find Suzy and Echo that were stolen by deception from me on April 15th, 2012......
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