Salmonellosis Fact or Fiction ?

Here is a good example of how twisted the driving factors are in the Department of Ag. More of their twisted tainted ‘interpretations’ exposed.
The AG sector opposes any regulations and minimizes the reported risks. There may have been ‘only’ five reported illnesses – on ‘blade/needle tenderized steaks’ but the probability of contamination and illnesses appears to be much greater. It suggests an attempt at ‘prevention’ by vaccination, however that too is probably under the ‘discretion’ of the secretary of AG and would not be mandated. That would also indicate that they don’t want to ‘clean’ up the processes, just cover it up with ‘paperwork’ and perhaps another drug. Ewwwwww……..

I read this as they try to wrangle out of labeling requirements:
Food (Safety) Fight By Richard Raymond
Dr. Richard Raymond is the former undersecretary of agriculture for food safety.
Let’s end the debate: vaccinate
In my research on illnesses caused by blade/needle tenderized steaks, I can find only five small outbreaks of E coli O157:H7 since 2000, with about 50 people total falling ill. All 50 ate steaks in restaurants that were not only blade/needle tenderized but were also injected with marinade. And there were no deaths.

During the same time period, according to some mathematical calculations based on the FSIS’s Beef Checklist report in 2007, I estimate Americans consumed nearly 14.4 million pounds of tenderized steaks and roast.

Sure, for those who wish to debate, not all illnesses are diagnosed and
reported, and for the 50 or so that were sickened it is serious business. But
that is not my point today.

My point is why are rules and regulations needed to try and reduce an average of
5 foodborne illnesses per year at considerable expense to industry?
and then read this:
Every year, approximately 40,000 cases of salmonellosis are reported in the
United States. Because many milder cases are not diagnosed or reported, the
actual number of infections may be thirty or more times greater. Salmonellosis
is more common in the summer than winter.

Children are the most likely to get salmonellosis. The rate of diagnosed
infections in children less than five years old is about five times higher than
the rate in all other persons. Young children, the elderly, and the
immunocompromised are the most likely to have severe infections. It is estimated
that approximately 400 persons die each year with acute salmonellosis.

and then there is this one:
Ground beef has been blamed for 16 outbreaks in the last three years alone,
including the one that left Ms. Smith paralyzed from the waist down. This
summer, contamination led to the recall of beef from nearly 3,000 grocers in 41


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