My Girls and the Horsemeat Scandal

I am trapped by the horsemeat scandal. Somehow I feel linked and I’m obsessed because my horses are still missing and the authorities here have done nothing just like they are trying to do with the horsemeat scandal. If the Dept of AG and the horse slaughter cartel was held accountable, the system would have to change. I read these stories of 75% and 100% horsemeat labeled as beef and after three weeks – no prosecutions! How can this be? How can the horse slaughter cartel and the ag sector continue to flaunt their criminal activities with no accountability? The Irish farmers are taking a huge hit for something their government is allowing and has allowed to take place for years. The passport system in the EU is a joke. They horse traders there just loose the passport and get a ‘new’ clean one. The U.S. has NO food animal regulations for horses exported for slaughter – NONE! Is it really any surprise that beef is adulterated with horsemeat when they are taking U.S. unregulated horses? The entire system is corrupt. The horse slaughter cartel is free to steal horses and permanently hide them in the food chain. They don’t care if they are drug riddled or who cares about them. They flaunt it in our face. They are not held accountable. They are free to terrorize the human food chain with whatever they so choose to put in it.
My two girls, Suzy and Echo were like my children. They were happy well adjusted horses that would come when you called and loved to be petted and brushed. I feel like someone stole my children, murdered them, flaunted it in my face and the authorities won’t do anything about it. So, I am obsessed with the criminal activity of the horse slaughter cartel. It is my link, my string, my girls….


About vickysecho

I am desparately trying to find Suzy and Echo that were stolen by deception from me on April 15th, 2012......
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