Food Standards Agency – I Don’t Think So!

Food Standards Agency apparently has their ‘own’ interpretation of the law and talks from both sides of their xo#$x.
First they write there is no safe level and then write that because the amounts of bute detected in the contaminated meat …are less than the amounts previously given to humans that caused serious health consequences, ‘insinuate’ the risk is low.
Is this the agency that is suppose to be protecting the public????
Do they uphold the food safety law and respect those that made the law or interpret it as they so choose?
Maybe they are just trying to cover their ass for being so complacent about unregulated, adulterated horses entering a human food chain. One of recent articles stated that out of 10,000, they tested 150 for bute and 9 were positive. That is over 6% !!!! They darn well know that bute is entering the food chain. What about all the other drugs that aren’t allowed in food animals? I bet they would say the risk is low on those too. With the recent ‘frog juice’ trend in U.S. horses, and the fact that the food agencies aren’t testing for it, soon smugglers will be shipping hallucinogenic drugs in by way of horsemeat – with the food standards agency blessing.

“Science behind the story
Bute is not allowed in the food chain because in humans it can cause rare cases of a serious blood disorder, aplastic anaemia. Because it is not possible to say what triggers the anaemia, it is not possible to identify a safe level of residue in meat.

Bute was banned from use in humans after it was found that about 1 person in 30,000 recipients suffered a serious side effect. But in levels reported in previous FSA testing of contaminated meat, the maximum level found would have to be multiplied a thousand-fold to be at the same level as that which used to be given to humans.

This suggests that even if someone eats contaminated meat, the risk of damage to their health is very low.”


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