Some History of Horsemeat Adulteration

New York Times, Jan. 7, 1943: “Horse Meat is Degrading, Mayor Warns the Council” – (Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, New York City, addressing his City Council)

“Whatever you do, whether I am here or not, don’t you ever permit horse meat to be s…old in New York City. Wherever it is sold, you will find degradation.”

“If there is any attempt to sell it here I am going to ask for a local law, not only to prohibit from being sold in the same shop that sells other meat, but not even on the same street where a meat market exists, and that a sign twelve feet high of a horse be exhibited outside, and to have an inspector there all day long and let them pay for it.”

“It is the most degrading thing ever seen, and yet there has been some publicity about it, and I hope that this Council will never permit it. The fact that it isn’t poison might get it through the health requirements, but there is the moral side of it that I am so strongly against.

The Evening Independent, 3/8/1950, Horse Meat to Resemble Beef Seized: “Dr. R. S. Martin, chief of Houston’s city health department meat inspection division, said an estimated 3,000 pounds of horse meat had been sold to 12 high-class Houston restaurants since December… More than 4,000 pounds of horse meat, labeled as beef tenderloins, were confiscated at Dallas.”


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/8/1952, Horse Meat Probe Links Dr. Bundesen: “Investigators charge that racketeers reaped huge profits by selling from 20 to 25 million pounds of horse meat as hamburger in Chicago in 1950 and 1951. The horse meat… was ground up and mixed with beef and sold for human consumption at OPS ceiling prices for hamburger.”

Ocala Star-Banner, 4/20/1962, State Orders Halt on Sale of Several Items Made by Firm in Miami: “”(Commissioner of Agriculture Doyle Connor) said tests run on samples picked up over the state showed the meat had been adulterated. He reporte…d the tests showed the company’s “breaded veal cutlet” had been adulterated with horse meat, as well as pork and mutton.”


“(Oklahoma State Senator Ron)Sharp noted that in 1962 two fast food restaurants were closed for selling horse meat in hamburgers. The story made front page news across the state leading the State Legislature to enact the Meat Inspection Act in 1963 to ban the sale of horse meat and begin more thoroughly inspecting beef sold in the state.”


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