The Law is Clear – Condemned!

Livestock suspected of having biological residues shall be identified as “U.S. Condemned”. Horses are not regulated food animals in the U.S. and must be considered suspect for biological residues especially given that almost everything we give them is labeled “not intended for use on food animals”.

§ 309.16
Livestock suspected of having biological residues.
(a) Except as provided by paragraph (d) of this section, livestock suspected of having been treated with or exposed to any substance that may impart a biological residue which would make the edible tissues unfit for human food or otherwise adulterated shall be handled in compliance with the provisions of this paragraph. They shall be identified at official establishments as “U.S. Condemned.”

No Drug History

The U.S. has NO FDA food animal requirements for horses exported for slaughter!
U.S. horse dealers and the scouts they send out to collect horses are allowed to fabricate the foreign drug affidavits immediately upon acquiring a horse and ship that horse within a few days. They weasel out of any liability because the form says “to the best of my knowledge or belief” and it isn’t even a U.S. document. No regulatory authority in the U.S. even keeps a copy. Very rare does any drug history transfer with U.S. horses and typically veterinarians aren’t even required to keep medical history for more than two years.

The U.S. has NO traceability on horses.

U.S. horse dealers are allowed to slap a number on a horse when they fill out the paperwork, a couple days before they ship. There are no passports and no requirement for microchips. The only perceived traceability may be to the horse dealer that may never even taken that horse to their own holding facilities. Horse dealers are registered but not regulated. Dealers holding aren’t registered or regulated.

No Way To Prevent Adulterated Horses From Entering Food Chain

The dealers have basically NO liability and a cash incentive to ship. A police report takes five days – the horse is long gone. So few are ever tested, why would they be concerned over adulteration?
There is no method or test to sort out animals with biological residues that are NEVER allowed in food animals, prior to slaughter. No one can just visually look at a horse and tell if that horse has ever been given phenylbutazone or nitrofurazone or any other drug never allowed in food animals.

There can never be two classifications of a species that will never cross paths or intermix – by the greed of man.

We say NOT FOOD! STOP challenging horse owners on the best use of their animals!


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