The so called ‘investigation’ USDA/APHIS/IES Case Number: IL120043-VS , of the slaughter of my two stolen, adulterated horses, Suzy and Echo, was closed based on a bogus receipt(1) the horse slaughter cartel coughed up as evidence that Olson’s sold Tongen or Tongen Horse and Supply Company, two ‘other’ horses. The ‘receipt’(1) was never verified).

What are the odds that the Olson’s would have purchased two ‘other’ horses, with the same coloring, markings, sex and ages, as my two horses Suzy and Echo, from the same person, and after driving more than 14 hours, would off load my horses and pick up said ‘other’ horses and deliver them, after 8pm on a Sunday to horse slaughter dealer Keith Tongen? Really???!!! Olson’s claim they purchased these ‘other’ horses in May 2009. They never even attempted to verify that the Olson’s owned or maintained said ‘other’ horses for three years. Olson’s claimed to Investigators, that they gave my horses, Suzy and Echo to someone answering a craigslist ad for another animal and claim they have no knowledge of that person. They never even checked email or phone calls to determine the identity of that person. They closed the investigation without even determining the location of my horses. Why? Because they knew they wouldn’t find them!

There is NO real evidence in the investigation – just a bogus receipt(1), produced to get ‘paid’ and to  justify the bogus EID’s (Equine Identification Document).   

 All the Investigators wanted was ANY excuse to exonerate those involved with knowingly, willingly and or negligently sending adulterated horses, that they had reason to believe were stolen, in commerce, into a human food chain. This is TERRORISM and now the Authorities are just as culpable! The authorities want to avoid another huge black cloud on the corrupt horse slaughter system. I wonder would they investigate the abduction and death of their own ‘children’ with such callous disregard for the truth. I ask you to please read and see if you agree or disagree with the findings of the so called investigation. 

Documents I obtained by FOIA request of the so called “investigation” from USDA/APHIS/IES,  I believe clearly shows the cover up of a horse slaughter broker, horse slaughter dealer and horse slaughter dealers agent , selling my two adulterated horses,  Suzy and Echo,  for slaughter after they were stolen from me by fraud and deception. Olson’s picked up my horses Sunday, April 15th, 2012. Olson’s sold three horses to Tongen or Tongens Horse and Supply Company on April 15th, 2012. Tongen claims the horses he purchased from Olson’s were slaughtered on April 20th, 2012. Five – 5 – days!   




Not even ONE U.S. authority would pursue my horses!  I called, and called, and called, and filed complaints with every organization that I could to try to stop my two adulterated, stolen horses, Suzy and Echo from being slaughtered. The only reason an investigation was initiated was because I called CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)  in Canada and they requested an investigation(6). I was eventually contacted by an Investigator for USDA/APHIS/IES .  It appears that the IES or Investigative Enforcement Services reports to the same organization, in this case, USDA/APHIS, that has direct responsibility for the horse slaughter system which is almost entirely under the ‘discretion’ of the Secretary of Agriculture and is performance based – performance to ‘ship’. IES apparently determines if charges will be forwarded through the ‘real’ law enforcement branches. It would not be favorable to the USDA/APHIS slaughter horse ‘program’ to disclose that adulterated stolen  horses are entering a food supply.


My horses have still not been located. Keith Tongen dba Tongen Horse and Supply and Marvin Olson refused to sign an affidavit. There isn’t even any evidence of questioning Misti Olson in the investigation. There is no verified evidence of any claims Olson’s told the Investigators.

‘OTHER” HORSES RECEIPT:  A ‘reciept’ was produced as evidence that the Olson’s had purchased two ‘other’  horses in May of 2009 that matched my horses, Suzy and Echo, basic color descriptions on the EID’s. . The Olson’s claim they sold these ‘other’ horses to Tongen on April 15th, 2012 – the very same day the Olson’s took my horses. The Olson’s provided the receipt to Laurier Brouillette, a slaughter horse broker for Viande Richelieu – a slaughter facility in Canada and Tongen’s  broker connection to Viande Richelieu(6).  Olson claimed he did not know who requested the receipt. One apparent attempt was made to call the number on the receipt (redacted on the FOIA) by the Investigators. That call resulted in a message that the voice mailbox had not been set up.  A vague attempt was made to verify the receipt and resulted in a woman, stating that her husband is not involved with horses. A search for a name, apparently resulted in too much effort for the Investigators.  No further attempt to verify the receipt was evidenced. The receipt was never verified.  No other verification was attempted to determine if the ‘other’ horses ever existed.

RECEIVER OF MY HORSES: Olson’s claim they gave my horses to a person responding to a craigslist ad for another animal but took my horses instead(10). The Olson’s told investigators  they have no knowledge of the person that they now claim took my horses (10) . There is no evidence of verification for the person(s) Olson’s claim took my horses. The Olson’s knew within the same week that they received the horses that not only was I pursuing them, the Meeker County Sherriff’s Department attempted to contact them and so did my attorney, James Karamanis. There would be records of emails and phone calls for someone answering a craigslist ad that could be traced, that were never checked.

TIME LOGIC: Mapquest:  Darwin, MN to Harvard, IL via I-94 E 394.72 miles – 6 hrs 57 mins   Olson’s drove from Darwin, MN to Harvard, IL or approximately 7 hours one way to pick up my horses and drove 7 hours back.  The Olson’s told the Investigators that they dropped off my two horses and loaded three ‘other’ horses and delivered them to Tongen in Brownton, MN  on the same day, April 15th, 2012 which is a Sunday. Straight driving time without any stops at all would be approximately 14 hours. The Olson’s left Harvard, IL at approximately 1:00 pm which would put them back in MN at about 8:00 pm if they didn’t stop at all. However there was a third horse delivered to Tongen by Olson’s and they would have had to stop for gas. A delivery to a dealer on a Sunday after 8:00 pm would have been pre-arranged. Why pre-arrange for a Sunday after 8:00 pm and 14 hours of driving? Phone and email records were never checked.

Evidence was provided by affidavit that I was informed through attorney’s, that the Olson’s sold my horses directly to Keith Tongen or Tongen Horse and Supply Company. I was even offered, through the attorneys, the $329 each the Olson’s relayed they received for them.  My attorney spoke to Investigator Harry Dawson and confirmed the conversations but the Investigator never contacted the Olson’s attorney.

COVER UP:  Marvin and Misti Olson, Keith Tongen dba Tongen’s Horse and Supply, and Viande Richelieu all knew on or before April 20th, 2012 that I was searching for my two adulterated horses that were stolen by fraud and deception from me on April 15TH, 2012, by Marvin and Misti Olson from Darwin, MN. CFIA told me they issued an alert to the border and the slaughter facility. A simple check of the individual horses EID’s, that designate Marvin Olson as the owner should have stopped them from being transported or slaughtered.  There are records of phone calls – which were never checked.

The Investigators accepted an unverified receipt(1) the Olson’s provided to Laurier Brouillette that the horses they sold to Tongen, were “other” horses and then Tongen was ‘paid’. The Investigators never verified that the Olson’s ever owned or maintained the horses they sold Tongen for three years. The Investigators never verified who Olson’s now claim took my two horses, Suzy and Echo. The Investigators never located my two horses, Suzy and Echo.

All lies! The receipt is a fraud,  just as the information provided on the EID’s claiming Olson’s owned two ‘other’ horses for three years is a lie.  The EID’s aren’t even U.S. documents and no copies are kept or maintained by U.S. authorities. The horse slaughter system is designed to ‘ship’ – they don’t care what they ship or how they acquire what they ship.

What did they ‘Investigate’? What About The Other Obvious Violations?

Apparently, the investigation resulted in issuing a Warning Letter to Tongen or Tongen Horse and Supply Company for a ‘paperwork’ violation with no penalty. The Warning Letter resulted because Tongen failed to submit paperwork or a VS Form 10-13, within one YEAR – after stopping at a sale in Kalona, Iowa with the load.  The load was already a full load – 30 loose horses….waiting. The Warning Letter was written on a load that was in transit for 4 days, with 2 stops. They do not carry food or water. The SHTP requires rest, food and water every 24 hours.

Iowa state law requires coggins or ELSA tests for any horse imported into Iowa. Tongen’s load originating in Brownton, MN dated 4/16/2012 was not directly headed to slaughter, the load was imported into Iowa when he went to the Kalona Iowa sale, without complying with Iowa state law. Michigan state law requires a negative ELSA or coggins test for any horse that crosses the state line into Michigan. Tongen violated Michigan state law by crossing Michigan state line and off loading or importing horses into Michigan without a negative coggins or ELSA test for each horse. No evidence of any ELSA or coggins tests for Tongens load of 4/16/2012 were included in the ‘investigation’.

Olson’s crossed Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota state lines with my two horses, Suzy and Echo, without a coggins or ELSA test or health certificate in violation of multiple states laws. Law enforcement officers have an obligation to report criminal activity.  

Would any sane person believe this is a ‘real’ investigation? If this is how investigations are normally handled, there wouldn’t be any criminals. All the investigators wanted was ANY excuse to exonerate Olson’s, Tongen, Laurier Brouiletter, Viande Richelieu from willingly, knowingly and or negligently receiving and transporting in commerce, property they had reason to believe was stolen, supplied with falsified documents, adulterated or unwholesome as human food, and processed as wholesome. It is TERRORISM!





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I am desparately trying to find Suzy and Echo that were stolen by deception from me on April 15th, 2012......
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    • vickysecho says:

      I am relatively new to FB and blogging but decided to create a fb page to put some of the information about the corrupt horse slaughter cartel in one place so perhaps someone could use it. Will add as time permits. I am writing letters about this so called investigation but it is hard for me to read. Thank you for helping expose this corrupt system.

  2. saraannon says:
    I have added your link to my blog… please share freely as when all the pieces are put in one place, the criminal intent and behavior of the pro-slaughter contingent is appallingly clear.

  3. lulu81507 says:

    So sorry to read about the slaughter of horses. I’ve read about this and sign/RT whenever I see a petition. All animals deserve care & love. Breaks my heart, really, for abuses, torture, and any injustices done to them! I will continue to fight for them!

  4. I am so sorry for your pain and frustration. This murky, opaque industry has got to be held accountable somehow. We are trying…….

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