About That Horsemeat….

In a nut shell: horsemeat is NOT safe or wholesome for humans or animals to eat. There can never be two classifications of one species that do not cross over by the greed of man. Eating that horsemeat, to many horseowners and those that like horses, is almost the same as if you are eating their children.


The majority of horses worldwide are NOT raised or considered ‘food’ animals by their owners. So what, you might say in your mind. These horses were most likely considered someone’s pet, like family, like someone’s children. While many don’t have any compassion for other peoples children or pets, the majority of people can associate with sending their children out into the world to make a decent life without fearing that once they leave their premises, there are predators out there, waiting to snatch them up and submit them to torture en route to slaughtering them. Oh, but you say, you do consider that. Well imagine if people were ‘paid’ to snatch them and the authorities won’t do anything. Imagine that they don’t have a cell phone and can’t call for help. Imagine how you would feel if you KNEW someone snatched them and the law enforcement agencies would do NOTHING. Imagine someone eating your children…. What would you do?


My two horses, Suzy and Echo were victims. I owned Suzy and Echo for 15 years. I didn’t throw them out in a pasture and check on them once in a blue moon. I fed them twice a day. Petted on them almost every day. Tended their wounds. Considered what I thought was best for their dispositions. Echo, I held in my arms and fed with a turkey baster the first five says and four nights of her life as she struggled to live. If I continue here, I won’t get to the point of this post.    Miss my girls…..


Horses in the U.S. are NOT regulated, at all, as food animals. They are pets, performance, show and work animals. They are medicated. Drug history rarely ever transfers from one owner to the next and U.S. veterinarians are typically only required to keep a horses drug history for two years. Most U.S. horse owners don’t keep drug history because they never consider their horse as ‘food’. There are no passports in the U.S. – which by the way are absurd as they are too easily falsified and re-issued ‘clean’ when lost.  So how does an entirely unregulated species become ‘food’…..

The stroke of a pen converts any horse into ‘food’. Two U.S. documents and one foreign document, send a U.S. unregulated horse into a human food chain. The EID or Equine Identification document is the ‘foreign’ document, and two U.S. documents: a Health Certificate and the Owner/Shipper Certificate.


The U.S. horse slaughter cartel has implemented the foreign EID, which is required as a shipping document by foreign countries as an affidavit of a horses medication history or ‘wholesomeness’. Horse owners or slaughter horse kill buyers sign the EID’s stating that the horse hasn’t had any medication listed for 180 days or for the time they have owned the horse. The U.S. authorities don’t even retain a copy of EID’s, because it is not a U.S. document. The slaughter horse cartel implemented the EID at almost every horse auction or sale barn, on their own. It isn’t a government or sanctioned form and isn’t even standardized. The majority of horse owners that sign it, don’t understand what it is and certainly don’t understand the formal names of the prohibited drugs listed on it. You would have to be a vet technician to know the formal names of prohibited drugs. If the horse kill buyer acquires a horse without an EID, they are allowed to fabricate one.

U.S. horse kill buyers are allowed to fabricate foreign drug affidavits – immediately – after acquiring a horse and can ship it for slaughter the SAME day.  The U.S. cannot even prosecute them for falsifying paperwork because the EID is not a U.S. document, they don’t have jurisdiction to prosecute. The foreign countries cannot prosecute for falsifying the EID’s because they are created in the U.S. and they don’t have jurisdiction to prosecute in the U.S.

It is a useless piece of paper required by foreign horse slaughter facilities.


Health Certificate

The Health Certificate is an affidavit that the horses ‘appear’ to be free of communicable diseases, that they will be transported in a vehicle that has been cleaned and disinfected, and will not come in contact with animals en route, except those meeting these health requirements. Absurd, they have no idea where they came from or where they will stop. It is NOT a certificate of wholesomeness. The Health Certificate in essence is the ONLY U.S. document that transitions a non food animal into a human food chain and all it encompasses is a statement that a horse is not visually sick and can stand. How comfortable are you with that?

The U.S. slaughter horse health certificate is ONLY a snapshot that the veterinarian looked at a horse and the horse appears to be healthy enough to travel. That’s all. The veterinarians that sign these health certificates are called to slaughter horse kill buyers lots to look at approximately 30 horses to see if they are visually sick and appear to be able to stand.  The veterinarians are suppose to look at the horses, immediately before loading but that doesn’t happen. They are called hours before loading. These horse kill buyer dealers, have a constant influx of horses coming and going. They don’t keep horses long because it costs money to feed them and they get paid when they ship them. The horse kill buyers lots are not regulated. They are not inspected for isolation pens of suspected ill horses Any other horses that a kill buyer has, are not inspected for illness or disease. The veterinarians do not inspect the vehicles and they have no knowledge of where these horses will be unloaded for any required 6 hour  ‘rest’ stops. Contrary to what is perceived by many, these vets are NOT endorsing U.S. horses as wholesome for food. They aren’t endorsing anything except that at that given moment, the horses presented, didn’t appear ill and may be able to stand.


Owner/Shipper Certificate – Fitness To Travel To a Slaughter Facility

This document is the slaughter horse shippers affidavit of ‘welfare’ regulation compliance. It is almost entirely ‘self regulated’ or on the ‘honor’ system of the slaughter horse shippers.  Really! The honor code of a kill buyer…. It is almost entirely useless. They can write what they want and are allowed ‘one year’ to amend the document. Almost every error that is found by a gross welfare violation or omission, is either entirely ignored, deemed a clerical error, or once in a blue moon, results in a ‘warning’ letter with no penalties. No one regularly reviews, records or monitors these forms. This form is the crux of the Commercial Transportation to Slaughter Act regulations – which consists primarily of two people to ‘regulate’ – useless…

The slaughter horse transporter is suppose to record the date and time the horses are loaded along with the ‘Auction/Market’. Anytime a transporter makes a required 6 hour rest stop, after 28 hours of transportation, they are required to complete and submit another Owner/Shipper Certificate. The veterinarian that is suppose to inspect the horses when they arrive at the slaughter facility, is suppose to monitor for welfare regulation noncompliances, including the date and time.

I have seen these forms through FOIA requests, with blanks on the form – missing information – no date or time, not signed, etc… As an example of how absurd this system is, the load that has become of extreme importance to me, lists the  date as April 16, 2012 at 7:30 pm and the Auction/Market as two different locations. How can there only be one date and time recorded for two different locations? This slaughter horse kill buyer then decided, with a full load in ‘transit’ , to stop at an auction for a day. Think about this. He took a full load of horses, without coggins tests, to sit at an auction. He then traveled to  Michigan and from there, he submitted another Owner/Shipper Certificate – on April 19th, 2012, 9:30 am. Consequence – a warning letter with no penalty.



ahhh… you say,  so what, they are tested. Well about that testing…. Horses are “visually” inspected upon arrival at a slaughter facility. Any ‘suspect’ horse – by visual examination – is isolated for further examination. Now I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be able to tell ‘visually’ if a horse was medicated. Until just recently, any suspect horse – by visual examination – was tested using what they call a ‘fast’ test that does not even test for ‘bute’ or many of the other drugs commonly used for horses. If the horse failed the fast test, samples were taken from the suspect horse and sent to a lab. Well now, how many do you think they submitted to a lab and for what testing?   The ‘new’ more stringent test protocol the U.S. just came up in their attempt to open horse slaughter facilities, is like 4 out of 100 and I haven’t been able to find what the new test actually ‘tests’ for.  Like eating rats out of a lab. Take your chances.

Some will say that horses are held for 6 months for drug withdrawal. Get real. They can ship the same day they acquire a horse. Horse dealers in the U.S. are not regulated either. They only are required to ‘register’ with GIPSA. Their premises are not inspected. They aren’t regulated for any humane welfare standards that other pet dealers must adhere to. They are registered with GIPSA as selling animals for food and fiber “only”. Almost every U.S. horse dealer sells horses to the public. More on testing soon….

Just some random links of drugs found in horses that race – the racing industry is fairly diligent in testing for drugs, legal and illegal drugs – unlike the horse slaughter cartel that doesn’t want you to know what you are eating….

Frog Juice http://newsok.com/oklahoma-horses-doped-with-frog-juice-jumped-to-winners-circle/article/3766705

ractopimine www.standardbredcanada.ca/notices/2-18-14/cpma-drug-appearing-feed.html

viagra www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/superracing/trainer-hit-with-16year-ban-after-four-horses-test-positive-to-viagra/story-fnibcaa0-1226824724879

I can’t believe I forgot the Owner/Shipper Certificate in the original post – but it is a useless document anyway. It is suppose to be the ‘welfare’ compliance document – absurd….


About vickysecho

I am desparately trying to find Suzy and Echo that were stolen by deception from me on April 15th, 2012......
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12 Responses to About That Horsemeat….

  1. I know what it’s like to have to revisit loss over and over again in one’s mind. My sympathies to you on what you’ve experienced at the hands of our Canadian officials. There is nothing I can say that will reduce your pain other than to say that we are trying so very hard to end this…….

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  3. judye822 says:

    Such a fantastic, factual article. I’m sharing far and wide in the hope of encouraging people to act to help get the SAFE Act passed and protect our horses. Even if people could not care less about the inhumanities of horse slaughter, they should care about the safety of our food products.
    There are NO words of comfort on your loss; I feel it’s truly “the worse that could happen”. Tears to you, Vicky!

    • vickysecho says:

      I have learned so much about the corrupt horse slaughter cartel but it is too much to put in one writing and difficult for me to write. More to follow. Thanks

  4. janwindsong says:

    The only comfort I can offer is to stand with you. And share your writings so others can learn and speak up and stand with us. I don’t dare try to feel the pain you speak through, it would make me cry too.

  5. andalvin1962 says:

    The EID system was implemented by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as a solid, yes, seriously, method of tracking horses who enter the slaughter pipeline to document medications they may have had to assure the EU that the horsemeat coming out of Canada is safe and yummy for consumers in Europe. It’s a farce.

    • vickysecho says:

      The EID is absolutely worthless. Canada can’t even prosecute when they ‘know’ the EID’s are falsified and the horses are adulterated. CFIA initiated an investigation by USDA – result is neither one has jurisdiction to prosecute.

  6. Barbara Griffith says:

    People like us that have been trying for years to stop horse slaughter is caught in the middle with no way to stop the falsifying of documents. There may already be many victims in Europe of eating tainted horse meat. From what I understand some of the diseases that can be caused by the ingestion of Bute tainted meat look like many diseases not even connected with Bute at all. This is where all of the problems with trying to stop US horses being slaughtered is coming from.
    The consumers in Europe simply don’t believe it even with still finding horse meat in frozen dinners at their super markets. If there was a way to require all of the slaughter plants in Canada to take blood samples from all of the horses unloaded I can just hear all of the howls from the management. But from what I understand too Bute does not show up in blood samples the horse has to be killed so the kidneys can checked there is no other way to check for it. I think it is checked for secretly at these slaughter plants and whatever they find will never be revealed to the public. As far as the Canadian government is concerned all of the horses have a clean bill of health, the same way the USDA claimed all horses being slaughtered in the US had a clean bill of health.

    • judye822 says:

      Sadly, if you google “Backstreet Bully”, you’ll find that he was slaughtered despite the fact that vet records were faxed to the slaughterhouse which attested to his having been administered bute. Horse slaughter is a predatory, crime-infested, greed-driven industry which is all about MONEY!!!!

  7. Deedie says:

    How I wish everybody knew this. It’s always refreshing to hear someone state the truth I’ve always known. I think people are more aware of the many evils of horse slaughter and the lies some people tell to support it. Lies that often contradict one another, no doubt. Thank you from my horses and me.

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